If you’re looking for inspiration to start your own body transformation, look no further than our Client of the Month Nathen.


The professional pilot is proof of what is possible in just a matter of weeks at Ultimate Performance Dubai.

Nathen has only been training for six weeks but his hard work and dedication is paying dividends for his fitness and physique.

He’s only at the beginning of his journey, but he has already lost 8kg and cut his body fat down from 30% to 21.5% alongside his world class UP personal trainer.

What makes this achievement all the more incredible is that Nathen has achieved this while recovering from full knee reconstruction surgery.

“Going into the transformation program, I was sceptical about how I was going to be able to change my body composition having just had two surgeries.

“However I was motivated by the UP trainers and knew that as long as I do what I’m told I would achieve results. 

“My confidence has increased massively, I feel more energetic and now I’m setting myself new goals to aim for and achieve.

“I think the last weeks have highlighted to me that this is only the beginning and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result.”


To see how far Nathen has come in such a short space of time is incredibly inspiring. Before starting with UP he says he was tired, lacking energy and fearing his surgeries would prevent him from getting in the shape he wanted.

“Prior to the training period I felt very lethargic a lot of the time and I was constantly tired,” he says.

“I was lacking confidence having just had surgery both mentally and physically in terms of moving about.”

But his personal trainer was able to create an adapted programme that was safe for him to do, while hastening his recovery from surgery and kick-starting his fat loss.

An intelligent training programme focusing on upper body work and slowly introducing some weighted prowler pushing was created by his trainer, who has a degree in rehabilitation and was formerly a professional rugby physio.

Nathen says it has already helped him become stronger, more confident and even get back to work quicker following his surgery.


“My trainer Nathan’s managed to get me from being in crutches to going down that track and enabling me to return to work a lot quicker than anyone anticipated.

“In the gym I’ve found my strength has increased as well as motivation, seeing physical changes is the most rewarding part. I’m also sleeping a lot better.

“I found myself with considerable amounts of more energy and my confidence has increased as well. We’re not there yet but I’m determined that we will get there.”

Nathen says his diet and eating were not ideal due to the nature of his demanding job before he came to UP


“My diet was nonexistent. I would eat at all hours of the day and didn’t really think about what I was putting in my mouth.

“With my profession I’m up all hours of the day and constantly in different time zones so I lacked any real discipline.”

But optimising nutrition with bespoke eating plans is a huge part of how we help clients achieve such stunning results at UP, and Nathen saw the immediate benefits of structuring his diet for maximum body composition benefit.

Nathan 6 weeks transformation results - back

“I found myself having more discipline and adhering to macros and ensuring that I set my self a routine for eating. This meant taking food to work and making sure I ate every four hours or so.

“I think the most imperative thing has been to have self-control/discipline. I’ve been motivated all the way even when I’ve been down on energy by my trainer Nathan and I think that’s really what’s made the difference.

Nathen says he is excited to see what comes next on his transformation and where it can take him.

“Having trained with many gyms with PTs, I can truly say there is nothing like UP – they give 100% to their clients and ensure that there are no excuses.

“Words don’t speak as loudly as results – and UP definitely deliver.”

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