Jas hadn’t been near a gym in 15 years before he started his transformation at Ultimate Performance Dubai.

The entrepreneur and father of twins had let his health suffer for 15 years before he decided enough was enough.

He was carrying excess body fat and felt constantly mentally and physically exhausted.

He wanted a change but believed that he just didn’t have the genetics to make the kind of dramatic transformation for which U.P. is renowned.

Luckily, he was wrong.


Since day one of his program, when he found out he was 36% body fat, Jas has gone from strength to strength.

He has now lost 13kg and halved his body fat to achieve the goal of getting fit and healthy again for his two young children.

“My results were amazing. I never thought I would get to 15% body fat and I look and feel like a new man.

“I was absolutely broken being told I was 36% body fat, but very quickly realized if I put in the effort then this number would decrease weekly.


“My confidence has improved and no longer am I ashamed of going topless on the beach.

“I look forward to living a happier and healthier life bringing up my kids!”

It was becoming a father that sparked Jas to take action and stop sacrificing his health for work.

He wanted to be a fit and healthy father.

“I was recently blessed with twins and realised that I need to be in best shape for them.

“I had let my career take over and simply neglected my health for the past 15 years just trying to put all my attention on making money – only later to realise that health is the most important thing in life!”

He was in pretty bad health before starting his transformation – in stark contrast to the fit, lean and energetic man he is now.

“I was extremely exhausted, both physically and mentally.



“I kept thinking that I would not be able to get fit and that my DNA would make it impossible to look like the images you see on posters.

“Physically, I was always tired and blamed it on my busy working life, but I have now established that it was simply because of my health.”

Things changed rapidly when he started working with his trainer, Tom, at U.P. Dubai.

Changing his diet was a big part of bringing down his weight, losing body fat and getting fit and strong again.

Before, he had no idea how to eat healthily or even what constituted a ‘healthy’ meal.

He would skip meals and not eat, surviving on coffee and an evening meal.

“I think I had killed my metabolism. I was never a big eater and my weight hadn’t fluctuated much over the past 10 years, but my body had got to the point where I felt weak and tired most of the time.”

Jas quickly became educated on nutrition while working with his trainer, and found he was eating more food than ever, but watching the weight drop off.

Body prophet fat change for Jas
The graph above displays Jas’s weight and body fat percentage, and shows just how impressive his journey has been over 26 weeks.
The app, “Body Prophet,” is U.P.’s exclusive body composition analysis tool, and is available to all clients undergoing one-to-one personal training.

“The scales were shocking, as I was literally consuming double the amount of food that I used to and actually losing some weight.

“Since U.P., I have learnt which food I should be eating and how much food I should be eating. I still eat out, but now pick healthier options.”

Adding in activity to his daily routine has made a huge difference too.

Jas trains just three times a week, but also gets out walking around the city with his wife to get his step count and calorie burn up.

“Walking has been a massive step for me as it now gives me time to spend with my wife, as we go together.

“This has helped me massively in my transformation as I have clear head and live and sleep a million times better.

“Before, I used to take sleeping tablets like Smarties, and now I seem to get to sleep very quickly.”

Jas says his transformation has changed his life—both in business and at home as a father.

“All areas of my life outside the gym have improved massively.


“I feel more confident; I feel I can bring my kids up to be fit and healthy and I know what it takes now to succeed.

“Mentally, I believe anything is possible.

“I know now if you put your mind to something than you will achieve it, as long as there are the right people around you, coaching you.

“I see my business in a different light and now know I will smash it.”

Jas says his transformation would not have been possible without the steadfast belief and support of his trainer and the team at U.P. Dubai.

“I have never had a mentor or coach before, but I’ve learnt how important these people are.

“I am 100% confident that I couldn’t have achieved these results without Tom and U.P.

“The experience, the support and the constant accountability has made this enjoyable with all the focus on me, and resulted in me getting the best out of this.”


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