Thirty-three-year-old Mohammed was stuck in what he describes as ‘a funk.’ He lived a very sedentary lifestyle, and it was taking a toll on his mental health.


“I would spend most of my days sitting at home and doing nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing. That obviously has an impact on how you behave and feel. I used to tell people it was borderline depression.”

Mohammed was also in denial about his body fat, and when he stood on the scales, he at first refused to believe what they said. He decided that enough was enough. He needed to change and use his time and energy to do something constructive, so Mohammed started training at U.P. Dubai.

Over 33 weeks, Mohammed’s hard work meant he lost an incredible 25kg and 38cm off his waist.




Mohammed has done this by completely changing his diet. Before U.P., Mohammed said his diet was ‘awful.’ He would eat one big meal a day, often a pizza or a burger. Then at the weekends, he would go on binges, eating as much as he could. Since training at U.P., Mohammed’s diet has changed drastically, and he has learned the basics of nutrition that he can take with him for life.

Mohammed came to U.P. with the goal of being able to look good in clothing, as he was finding it difficult to buy clothes that fitted his shape. Six weeks into his transformation, Mohammed noticed that clothes he had at the back of his wardrobe from 12 years ago were slowly but surely starting to fit him. His friends and family also noticed his weight loss, and the compliments really helped boost his confidence.

“It really helped with my confidence. I walk with my back straight, I used to slouch over all the time to hide.”

Not only is Mohammed more confident, but he has also noticed higher energy levels and greater mental alertness.

“At work, I am more quick to react, which is important.”





He has also found himself enjoying work more and not waiting for the day to be over.

“Most days I would go to work, and it would be a matter of, “I just want this day to end so I can go home and do nothing.” Whereas now it’s not so much I need the day to end but it goes more quickly, and my co-workers don’t annoy me as much.”

“I’m eating better, and I’m sleeping better. It used to be the case where I would wake up at 12pm in the afternoon. I now wake up at 8am, and the sleep I am getting is more restful.”


Mohammed is ecstatic with his results and the positive impact it has had on his life. This has only motivated him to go further. He has achieved his original goal and has set a new one of getting down to 10% body fat.

“The better you get at this, the more you think you can do. So 13.5% body fat is fantastic, but I want to do more now!”


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