Welcome to the world of U.P. Leeds. This isn’t a world quite like you’re used to.

Body transformation experts, Ultimate Performance, have arrived in Leeds and want you to be a part of the revolution.



This is world-class personal training in a world-class private gym, right in the heart of Leeds.

Ultimate Performance was founded for one simple reason, to create the most effective method of personal training in the world.

Powered by a transformative business model, proprietary technology, tried and tested methodology, and some of the best fitness industry brains in the world, we’ve rewritten the rules and changed the game. By giving clients a tangible return on their investment and trainers a career path that in the past they could only have ever dreamed about, we’ve revolutionised the personal training industry and are the acknowledged global leaders in our field.

Whilst many of life’s necessities have evolved into the 21st century, the fitness industry has largely been left behind to scrabble amongst the faddish and systemically lower quality. In fitness, they want your money and give you gimmicks to get it. We exist to counteract this view completely. Yes, we want your money too, but we want it long term and we know that we need you to be as evangelical about our product as we are. That means adding value to your results and your experience are our lifeblood.

We are constantly driven by the incredible sense of fulfilment we feel when we help someone achieve their goals. We believe that anyone can positively change themselves and their bodies, and we will move heaven and earth to ensure that each and every person who works with us leaves feeling happier, more confident, and healthier.


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  • 3 Full Lifting Racks
  • Regular Grip Watson Pro Dumbbells: 3kg – 26kg (in 1kg increments)
  • Watson Fat Grip Dumbbells: 4kg-20kg (in 1kg increments) / 22.5kg – 45kg (in 2.5kg increments)
  • The most comprehensive set of Atlantis Strength and Watson gym equipment in Europe
  • A full range of Watson specialty lifting bars
  • Cardio Equipment (Treadmill, Watt Bike, Ski-erg)
  • Functional training equipment (battle ropes, Olympic rings, sleds)
  • 2 LifeFitness cable machines


3 Sovereign Square,
United Kingdom

P: +44 113 400 1030

E: [email protected]

Visit the official website.